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FOSS Security Campus 2023


This page informs about privacy measures is taking as conference management system. The organiser of this event may have additional policies in place, e.g. if they share your data with third parties.
The privacy of our users is a priority to us. We collect and retain as little data about you as possible, and make the retention and use of your data as transparent and manageable for you as we can. On this page, we want to explain what measures we take to protect your data – and while no protection out there is perfect, we strive to meet the highest standards regarding data protection and user privacy.
If you are a submitter or speaker, the conference organiser can see all data (except passwords) you enter during and after the Call for Participation. If the organiser accepts your submission and you confirm your attendance, the data you provided will be made public.
As an attendee, you do not need an account at all. does not track conference attendees through use of any cookies, analytics, by logging sensitive data like IP addresses, or other tools used to track user behaviour.
We transmit all data using up-to-date transport layer encryption between your browser and our servers. By default, does not communicate with other servers, but if the organiser chooses to integrate with other services, we use strong transport layer encryption aswell.
We are hosting on servers in Germany, and are subject to German data protection laws. Our team has access to all data submitted to for technical reasons. We will only look at or use that data if we need to do so for a support request.
If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact either us or the event organiser. We are happy to answer any questions at